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My Little World

The Inside Of My Head Is Not Pretty

9 May 1983
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  • Grangefield School - Stockton-on-Tees, England - County Durham, United Kingdom (1994 - 1999)

.. *I am 22 years old *I act about 8 *I love stars* *I love Pink* *I love rainbows* *I ride ponies* *I like girls* *I like to wear jeans that are too big* *I love music* *I love funky short hair styles* *I love getting drunk* *But hate the hangovers* *I love the person i am starting to be* *I love the fact that i have a secret from most (not all) of my friends and that if those friends came on here i would have no secrets* *I love black and white checks* *I love my smart car* *I love the fact that i am so true to my horoscope* *I hate the fact i cant spell* *I hate the fact that my brother lives so far away* *I love to have to comments, msg and pic comments on this* *I hate feeling at all ill* *I love laughing* *I love all my friends* *I hate the fact that i never get to see my friends enough* *I like to wear boxers* *I love the feeling when u fall alseep and then u feel like ur falling* *I love it when i am all hyper* *I hate myself when i feel down or upset* *I love to be happy* *I love to making ppls day* *I love to see other ppl smiling* *I hate when ppl are upset* *I love going to gig* *I love meeting new ppl* *I love waering bandans to hid my messy hair* *I love it when u teach a kid a new thing and u see the smile on there face* *I love it when u see someone ride a horse for the first time and theylove it* *I hate it when people mis treat animals* *I really want to go down under* *I love dying my hair pink* *Ihate it when i have brown hair* *I lovehaving myhair cut but it scary* *I hate everything in water* *I love to play hockey* *I want to play rugby* *I hate myspace* *I love myspace* *I hate the fact that i talk and scream things in my sleep when i am stressed, drunk, or unhappy*